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The IBM® System x M3 provides outstanding performance for your mission- critical applications. Its energy-efficient design supports more cores, memory. Two x X5 servers can be connected together to form a single-system image with up IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. System x is a line of x86 servers produced by IBM, and later Lenovo. They were a sub-brand of . IBM System x, x, x M3, x M4, x M5; IBM System x, x M5; Lenovo System x M4, x M5; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo NextScale; Lenovo FlexSystem.

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See the model table and the processor options table for details. Unlike others, we allow you to bundle everything you need from hardware and software to service contracts, installation costs, training fees, and sales tax.

The x M3 is a high-performance rack server that uses significantly less power than previous generations, with unified systems management tools, leading reliability, availability, and serviceability features, and broad system flexibility, housed in a compact 2U mechanical package. This simplifies servicing, speeds up problem resolution, and helps improve system availability. Up to two 6-core Xeon series processors offering superior performance. Full height, full length Slot 4: The power source independent light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead the technician to failed or failing components, which simplifies servicing, speeds up problem resolution, and helps improve system availability.

This page was last updated: Toolless cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts, such as HDDs and memory. The following memory protection technologies are supported: Warranty options The system has a three-year warranty with 24×7 standard call center support and 9×5 Next Business Day onsite coverage. Integrated NICs have the following features: Quad 4 Dual Core Xeon System x X5 Installation and User’s Guide http: Integrated NICs have the following features:.


The remote presence feature provides the following functions:. Hyper-Threading reduces computational latency, thereby making optimal use of every clock cycle. External backup units The server supports the external backup attachment options listed in the following table.

Only machine type supports this configuration.

Up to 5 up to 4 available, one slot is dedicated to RAID x3580dependant on the riser cards used three different riser cards are available: Non-hardware items must be one-time, non-recurring charges and are financed by means of loans. The server supports attachments to the power distribution units PDUs listed in the following table.

Network adapters x M3 supports up to four integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Lenovo System x

Lenovo also had and still has its own ThinkServer family of Intel servers. The x X5 is withdrawn from marketing, effective June 30, It can improve 3×850 with reduced operational complexity and increased management functionality. The use of slots 1 – 4 requires that a second processor be installed.

Available 4-core Xeon series processors use only 40 W and 6-core processors consume as little as 60 W. Comprehensive systems management tools such as advanced diagnostics, a cable management arm, and the ability to control resources from a single point make it easy to deploy, integrate, service, and manage. With more computing power per watt and the latest Intel Xeon processors, you can reduce costs while maintaining speed and availability.

IBM X Servers | eBay

We focus on making it easy to do business with us. An altimeter works in conjunction with the IMM to govern fan rotation based on the readings that it delivers. Remote management The server contains Integrated Management Module IMMwhich provides advanced service-processor control, monitoring, and an alerting function.

Decrease system temperature by 0. A current list of Lenovo trademarks is available on the Web at https: Note that some models and some processors do not support the MAX5.

Processor options Features of the Intel Xeon processors used in the x M3 include: The following table lists the virtualization options.


System x rack servers

These are all named System x X5 to distinguish them from base im X5 models, even though the base hardware is the same. They are also used to connect the system to a MAX5 memory expansion unit. Storage host bus adapters PCIe Flash Storage adapters Power supplies Integrated virtualization Remote management Supported operating systems Physical and electrical specifications Warranty options Regulatory compliance External disk storage expansion External disk storage systems External backup units Top-of-rack Ethernet switches Uninterruptible power supply units Power distribution units Rack cabinets Rack options Lenovo Financial Services Related publications and links Related product families Trademarks.

All the information we have about this item is listed in the ad. Front view of the System x X5. Regulatory compliance The server conforms to the following international standards: IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager provides advanced power management features with actual real-time energy monitoring, reporting, and capping features.

When a problem is encountered, IBM Systems Director can issue administrator alerts via email, pager, and other methods.

System x Reference http: Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United Xx3850, other countries, or both. Hot-swap drives, supporting RAID redundancy for data protection and greater system uptime. System x X5 Product Guide withdrawn product.

External disk storage systems The following table lists the external storage systems that are currently offered by Lenovo. IBM System x M3 product page http: With two x X5 servers and two MAX5 units, total capacity up to 6.

This can x3805 reduce downtime caused by memory errors. Views Read Edit View history.