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Radiopacity of restorative materials using digital images Radiopacidade de materiais restauradores utilizando imagens digitais.

calculos dosimetricos utilizando: Topics by

Se describe un sistema, basado en redes neuronales artificiales, para resolver este problema en tiempo real. Igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.hr de; Cardenas R, A. English, Letter size, 16 p. Internet Ambiant, Chapter 8, pp. Estos resultados tuvieron que ser manipulados para ser exportados a un software de elemento finito ANSYS ; en este punto, se elaboro otro modelo de la tobera para poder importar la distribucion de.

Costa and Rodrigo S. For this, the method of avoided costs was adopted for the calculation of externalities. Estas iniciativas igeo-sdrver.igeo.ufrj.br dirigidas a la adopcion de acciones concretas en diferentes areas del desarrollo sostenible como la biodiversidad, recursos acuaticos y vulnerabilidad, prestando atencion a aspectos sociales y economicos. La reactividad se regula por concyrsos de un reflector de acero inoxidable y de cuatro barras de control de niquel situadas fuera del nucleo.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

The Visual Basic for Application VBA for Microsoft Excel demonstrated to be an effective tool to perform a number of tasks in the development of the program. During fifteen days, fifteen sessions were realized: In accordance with clinical protocols, the conformal radiotherapy delivers a low dose to the adjacent healthy tissues.


English, A4 size, 7 p. The assessment of satisfaction can be accomplished through the perceived quality, and the development of assessment tools should address specific features of the activity in question. English, Letter, 8 p. Examina diversos planteos de los problemas del calculo fisico. English, A4 size, 17 p, file: This method uses the well-known water hammer phenomenon in pipelines; in turbine penstocks, for instance.

And, Do the dosimetric simulation system calculate suitable the dose for each tissues?. Irradiations of the incisive, canine and molar teeth were simulated. Flow measurement in a MW hydraulic turbine using the Gibson method; Medicion del flujo de una turbina hidraulica de MW utilizando el metodo Gibson. Os resultados indicaram que os ventos predominantes em foram de Sul e Leste.

English, A4 size, 3p. The resin-modified glass ionomer cement obtained the best results, irrespective of specimen dimensions. Portuguese, A4 size, 93 p. Unlike current programs eg. La tasa estandarizada de las enfermedades respiratorias 7,5 por 1. The samples of different materials were placed on a phosphor plate together with a tooth section, aluminum step wedge and metal code letter, and were exposed using a dental x-ray unit. The results when compared to other models show good agreement for energies above keV and lower values below this energy.

English, A4 size, 53 p.

Geofix Fundações

Ana analysis of the System is presented in order to obtain requirements. To determine the number of plants with greening, periodic inspections the three months were made from March until Julycounting the number of plants in each stand with the characteristic symptoms of the disease.


Portuguese, A4 size, 12 p. Indica la forma de tomar en cuenta los efectos de resonancia y cobcursos los sistemas. Firstly, model validation will be carried up by comparison with reference experimental data available.

Siguiendo la filosofia del control predictivo IMC se muestra la forma de aplicar esta tecnica, asi como la implementacion de este tipo de controladores.

The quantities measured were the air kerma-area-product, the screening time and the number of radiographs taken in each exam. Full Text Available This study aimed at establishing the polymerization time of a microwave-cured acrylic resin AcronTM MC, simultaneously processing 2, 4, and 6 flasks.

The control ponyo of a nuclear reactor are activated by neutron irradiation. The fundamental features of an effective one-group reactor model are described. Computer program for the calculation of stresses in rotary equipment discs; Programas de computo para el calculo de igwo-server.igeo.ufrj.br en discos de equipo rotatorio. This work presents the design and implementation results of a model predictive control strategy used to control the pulp igeo-server.ifeo.ufrj.br of a Rougher flotation circuit in a mine located in the third region of Chile, which is composed by five flotation banks.

Costa and Miguel Elias M.