Ikkyu Sojun’s poetry is irreverent and iconoclastic, bitingly critical of false piety, hypocrisy, and formalistic religion. His poetry is often frankly erotic, sometimes. convolutions of fourteenth-century Japan and the organizational shenanigans of the official Rinzai Zen sect—was the legendary Ikkyu Sojun (). Browse through Ikkyu Sojun’s poems and quotes. 8 poems of Ikkyu Sojun. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee.

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A perfumed breeze across my pillow; Am I asleep or awake? His love of the flute and also the Fuke sect’s namesake, Chen-Chou P’u-k’o, would have provided sufficient cause to make such an allegation.

The poet here has returned from a walk only to find the perfume of flowers clinging to his clothes, confusing his sense of reality and place. During the early era Zen focused on Kyoto and Kamakura and was mainly a reformation within the Tendai school. Ikkyu himself was known to have played shakuhachi in the streets. One of his accomplishments was the restoration of the buildings of Daitoku-ji after their destruction during the Onin Wars — Ikkyu lived a life of contrasts.

An older survey is D.

Ikkyū – Wikipedia

This last travesty has extended even to fictionalizing his role as a child at the monastery; there is now a popular television cartoon series in Japan about the irrepressible acolyte Ikkyu.

In the first poem, Ikkyu restates the issue in auditory terms. If something dark and mysterious appears, I’ll hit its darkness. Over the distant rattle of dancing villagers’ drums, The clear line of the flute turns everything to tears, Yet startles me from a long, sorrowful dream. Human birth is analogous to striking up a fire—the father is flint, kikyu mother is stone and the child is the spark. The extent to which Zen training aided this victory can be debated, but the courage of Tokimune and his soldiers undoubtedly benefited from its rigorous discipline.


Sex, Zen, and Poetry. The Life of Ikkyu Sojun

I wonder if those who have many desires would feel a little shame when they heard this poem. The piece “Murasaki Reibo” is attributed to him. His successor continued the development of Sijun establishments, supported by new Chinese masters who also began teaching Chinese culture calligraphy, literature, ink painting, philosophy to the Kamakura warriors along with their Zen.

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Whereas this document has the virtue of ilkyu contemporaneous with his life, it has the drawback of being abbreviated and selectively edited to omit unflattering facts.

In any case, he probably would have destroyed his own seal of enlightenment in later years. In a postscript, she added a line that reveals a hint of her personality:. Then he turns around and writes as if he had no doubts about his way of life being compatible with Zen:. It was the powerful discipline of meditation that Dogen sought to introduce into Japan, not a sectarian branch of Zen. Thus began the next phase of early Japanese Zen, fueled by the ssojun of Chinese Ch’an monks.

Although it was customary for monks to receive a certificate from their master attesting to their enlightenment, the matter of Ikkyu’s certificate is problematical.

Ikkyu favored brothels over temples as places to meditate. Use the code “warrior” for a discount on the great t-shirts at suredesigntshirts. The Japanese ruler himself gave Zen heavy credit and immediately began building a commemorative Zen monastery in Kamakura.

There is the story of one local governor who was called to Kamakura and in the eojun of a public assembly asked pointedly whether his family had yet built a Zen monastery in their home province. Finally, there is a vast body of his own poetry and prose, as well as a collection of calligraphy now widely admired for its spontaneity and power.


Then there is a collection of tales from the Tokugawa era which are heavily embellished when not totally apocryphal. All Oiemoto have been trained and ordained at Daitoku-ji. He rushed back at dawn and reported this to his master. Who can talk Zen to Crazy-cloud? He also supported one of the best-known dramatists of the No theater and was himself a master calligrapher, zojun art closely soun to painting in the Far East and regarded by many as even more demanding.

Ikkyu Sojun – Ikkyu Sojun Poems – Poem Hunter

The “rural priest” of the last line can be taken to be either the unidentified hermit of Uji or Ikkyu. Views Read Edit View history.

They were made for each other and for many years thereafter Ikkyu and Kaso “pursued deep matters tirelessly. My mom’s book about James Weddell see episode 30 If you are interested, check it out here: The creation of the gozan system at the end of the thirteenth century gave Zen a formal role in the religious structure of Japan.

In her only surviving letter, written shortly before her death, she urged Ikkyu to become such an outstanding priest that he might consider Shaka and Daruma, fathers of Zen Buddhism, his servants Keene, ; Qui, Le conoscenze maturate durante la sua vita errabonda, gli consentirono tuttavia di raccogliere donazioni per la ricostruzione del monastero Daitoku-ji che venne rifondato e che lo ebbe come abate fin dal Zen Eccentric by Thomas Hoover.

But he was still in his teens in when there appeared in Japan envoys from Kublai Khan demanding tribute.