Incidin Plus. Liquid concentrate for the disinfection of medical items and all surfaces. • Bactericide (incl. MRSA and TB) and fungicide. Limited virucide in. Incidin Plus. ECOMED — a wide range of medical products, equipment and tools from leading manufacturers in the world. ☎ () Two disinfectants of different composition–Incidin Plus for surface disinfection and Sekusept Plus for medical devices disinfection, both containing glucoprotamin.

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Incidin Plus, Packaging Type: Wards, Clinics, Laboratories, toilets etc. Fabric Coat Efficient Content: VAH-listed Effective against norovirus.

Virucidal effectiveness, also at standard concentrations. Selected agent composition Broad-spectrum effectiveness Extremely low application concentration Rapid effect Our performance Your advantage Selected agent composition Safe disinfection, also at low application concentrations Broad-spectrum effectiveness Virucidal effectiveness also at standard concentrations – no change in product is necessary for C.


Incidin™ Rapid | Ecolab

Plastic Can Get Latest Price. A4 Clipboard Plastic Use biocides with caution. Get Best Price Request a quote.

Cleaning Liquids in Mumbai. Service Hotline Telephone support and counselling under: Active ingredient in g of lncidin plus.

Rational Analysis and Careful Preparation help to minimize risks. Call Send a quick message. Gamma Wipe 67 Steriles Telephone support and counselling under: Thorough interim cleaning is required for any switch.

Always read the label and product information before use. Low concentration of glucoprotamin Micro-Porous Coverall Professional 3. Incidin Extra N Content: Disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces of any type.


We supply individual products as well as customized disinfection solutions for your institution. Jncidin Offerings Related Products. Highly efficient liquid concentrate for the surface disinfection of medical products and surfaces of all types.

Get in Touch with us Antrix Hygiene Limited. Compatible with different materials paint, galvanized and coated materials, glass, rubber, metals and other corrosion resistant and -nonresistant materials Effective cleaning and disinfection at the same time Advantages: Working solutions are prepared by diluting medium product in the cold water with proportions mentioned in the Methodological guidelines on the application of product.


Bags – Polyethylene width 2 inch Content: Medical equipment Ecolab Incidin Plus. Two disinfectants of different composition–Incidin Plus for surface disinfection and Sekusept Plus for medical devices disinfection, both containing glucoprotamin as the active substance, were investigated in this study in order to analyze their antimicrobial activity.

Nature of Business Manufacturer. No more eye irritation and respiratory problems. Since these areas have a lot of visitors daily, each bringing in a load of microorganisms, it is necessary to disinfect these areas daily.

The PLUS in safety for all surfaces.