IPCC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards August Supersedes IPCB with Amendments. Slash Sheets. Isola laminate and prepreg materials are certified to IPC or IPC IPC, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multi-layer. IPC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.

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Agreements can be used to de? Date of manufacture date when the material was impregnated. When smaller sizes are cut from standard sizes, the permissible variations from the speci?

For convenience, the laminate and prepreg requirements for materials of the like composition are on the same speci? At elevated temperature 3. Surface Resistivity, minimum A. Marco Scari, Isola Fabrics S.

All rights reserved under both international and Pan-American copyright conventions.

This Keyword does not suggest that this base material cannot be used for double-sided PCBs, as well. If a referee method is required, it shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier. Requirements for foil indentations do not apply to copper that has been treated on both sides. Resubmitted lots shall be inspected using tightened inspection. Prepreg should be allowed to equilibrate at processing conditions before use.

Values in the table are not representative of mechanical thickness of the foil. Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any respect preclude any member or nonmember of IPC from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Publication, nor shall the existence of such Standards and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than IPC members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically or internationally.

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IPCC: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Flexural Strength, minimum A. Additional samples may be taken to satisfy the terms of the purchase order.

The specimens shall be rinsed ipcc a cold water spray rinse for? The fracture toughness of the base resin system is being recognized as a signi? Vicka White, Honeywell Inc. The tolerance shall be Range A unless otherwise speci?

Until then, the performance level requirements shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier. The range of tolerance around the nominal dimensional stability see 3. If the same glass style of prepreg is used to make thin core laminate, testing of the laminate only is required.

IPC-4101C: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Standards 410c1 manufacturers greater efficiencies when ipv can set up their processes to meet industry standards, allowing them to offer their customers lower costs. The following information is to be upc Requirements may be stated as a reduction of variation around a target value, as opposed to just meeting the speci?

The foreign inclusions are translucent. Authorized distributors shall be responsible for the requirements of 3. Nonwoven E-glass core Secondary 2: Steven Ethridge, Dell Inc. Laminate or prepreg base materials shall be considered acceptable if they meet the requirements listed below and in the applicable speci? Nonwoven E-glass Core Secondary 2: Additional test s can be speci? The original signature or line of authority of a designated company representative.


There shall be no evidence of resin-starved or scorched areas. The specimen shall be tested in accordance with Table for prepregs. Any copying, scanning or other reproduction of these materials without the prior written consent of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited and constitutes infringement under the Copyright Law of the United States. Fabricated Laminate Panel Material The test specimens shall be constructed such that their thickness shall be 1.

Information for preparation of delivery, if applicable see Section 5. Lighting conditions of inspection shall be appropriate to the type, grade and thickness being inspected or as agreed upon between user and supplier. Glass Transition Temperature If no test is chosen from Group C, zero-zero 00 shall be the designator. The supplier shall retain on? Dewetted areas measured in at least two dimensions are 2. The Keywords are not speci? Peel Strength, minimum A.

E Reinforcement Style see 1.