Kenwood SC Steam Cleaner. . This ultimate steam cleaner cleans a viariety of surfaces. More details. Reference: Kenwood Sc Find great deals for Kenwood SC Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kenwood Steam Cleaner with dual steam. Clean the floors of wood, tiles and stone with round brush. Clean the upholstery with the angled nozzle. Clean the.

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Got a refund after much complaining to Betta Elecrtirical and bought a H20 X5, it’s brilliant does everything I thought the Kenwood should only times better, heats in seconds lighter Ok, so kemwood spills some water if you stop it and restart, but where do you expect the condensation to go??

What a waste of money. Notify me when available.

After 2 trips to the repairer when I could not get the unit to work I discovered the problem was that I’m only just strong enough to hold the button down to generate steam.

It is compact, easy to use, easy to store, and multi-accessorised. Aching hands posted on Sep 17, I bought it mainly as a steam mop, and its not overly great on the floors, but the other uses and attachments make up for it – its brilliant for windows, bathrooms and even kenwoof oven I even cleaned the condensation marks off my bathroom walls Overall, im reasonably happy with it, just wish it was a bit better on the floor I think it just loses a of pressure with the extensions.

The floors were left slippery and took forever to dry.

Kemwood M asked on Oct 03, Do not buy one of these at any cost. Yep, it does steam after 5 minutes, you just have to press the button harder than to the point where you think it can’t go any further! I take it back!!!! Brush attachment could be tougher. Create family meals quickly and easily with this all metal compact food processor, complete with a wide range of attachments.


View your entire shopping cart. So once we figured that, I went ahead and kenowod all the grout, it was fantastic!

Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner SC590

Specifications w of Power. The only time I would buy one of these would be if iI was going to a house warming party of a person I hated. Typing this is difficult as my hand is in kenwoor from holding the trigger down.

Could not even clean small soap buildup between tiles. Accessories include 2 Kenwooc tubes floor brush with magic cloth upholstery brush with cloth glass cleaner angled nozzle round brush extension nozzle shoulder. Bought it home, brand new, doesn’t work.

I had the same problem. Overall, I’m still happy with it. I bought this product and took it home with the expectation that it actually cleaned.

Kenwood SC Steam Cleaner – Ashraf Electronics Web Store

Suitable for hard floors such as sealed wood, tiles, lino, marble and stone. Menwood Features watt blender with ounce capacity 5 speeds plus pulse setting for just the right amount of control Your goods will be delivered to your kenwpod address.

I said to him that everyone was right, waste of money, blah blah blah and kewood HE pressed the button, just a tad harder, and pronto! The SC Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner has the everyday power and versatility needed, with the steam mop and gun combined.

Delivery time frames will depend on your location, please check the shipping calculator to see an estimate of when you can typically expect to receive your goods based on your postcode. How to use multi vapori steamer?

Kenwood Multi Steam Cleaner SC590

Pressed the trigger down hard there was water, maybe too much. This machine uses allot of water, quickly, knewood you will be left with trying to dry out the mattress. Supposedly 5 mins but you have to press that button very hard so it hurts your thumb and then you have to wait until the dribbling stops before actually steaming the floor Aching hands replied on Sep 16, Newsletter new products, special offers!

A Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor is a stylish, powerful and efficient kenwpod for your kitchen. The machine works ok but generates almost no steam. Firstly, a couple of comments concerning mattresses. The store people credited it straight away,almost as if they expected us!!


Mix and match from kenwoov range of powerful and practical attachments to get your kMix Stand Mixers working just the way you want it. The drawback is that button.

Your thumb does get a good work out if you are planning on a big clean. The button to make it kenwwood steam has to be held down continuosly, I could hardly press it down at all, it is very stiff. Items in this category may show minor marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the fascia, and may show more significant marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the casing which will be indicated by colour stickers and a photo included.

Where Grading is applicable and mentioned. Will keep experimenting with different cloths as it is easier on my back than other floor mops and buckets. And there’s a whole range for you to find just what you’re looking for. But you would only want to use it 5 mins at a time because holding that button down the whole time is painful.

My family all gave me money to purchase this for my birthday and I feel ripped off. Recently purchase this piece of poor quality and time consuming product that will now sit in the garage and collect dust the glass cleaning utensil left streaksspent 30 minutes on the glass shower screen still no difference.

But don’t expect to buy this as your steam mop to use daily, as that is not what it was designed for. Tried all ways, let the first moisture go, etc. It got hot but no steam no matter how long I waited.