Buy La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price 1ª ed., 1ª imp. by Portia Da Costa ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price: PORTIA DA COSTA: Books – Librarian Gwendolynne Price starts finding indecent proposals and sexy stories in her La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Fifty Shades of . In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa is an erotic literary adventure with just a touch of whodunit thrown in.

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Overall I thought this was a charming work of romantic erotica, an easy read and a nice fantasy. Given the author shrugs off something as nuanced as a marital relationship with such superficiality, what do you expect she’s going to do with something as complex as sex? And I loved the idea of the naughty letters and emails she receives and subsequently acts gwendklynne. I would put the book aside and not read it for days and then not come back to it for days.

I really liked Gwendolyne, she was REAL, an ordinary woman, she wasn’t annoying or frustrating and she had curves!! If, like me, you’ve been wanting to give erotic a try, check out In Too Deep. When I’m not writing I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, and online life in general. With IN TOO DEEP, this means exploring the relationship dx a very raunchy, almost dangerous set up, through desire, need, passion, emotional enrichment to the deep dark porttia and beyond.

It was mainly at the very end and then it was suddenly over.


He is kindhearted, articulate and the ultimate gentleman, although wracked by his own demons. I also had trouble with the heroine, so I never really got into the story.


Once you start a novel that has that quality, it gets very hard to put it down. It’s real, emotional and ad pull you feel between her two main characters Gwendolynne and Daniel is beautiful and darn hot! At that moment, Gwen starts to wonder who this secret admirer may actually be. I feel great now. Write a customer review.

In Too Deep

I adored this story! I think I could make an erotic novel work where the fairly tasty but unfulfilled female protagonist gets the best ploughing of her life off a chap who she initially describes as rather unprepossessing.

However, we didn’t need the whole “illness” thing that was going on for Daniel. They enter portla a little exchange through letters and chat over the internet. One day when she is at lunch and she is taking her time reading one of the letters, Professor Hottie a.

After all, Gwendolynne, the allegedly repressed librarian, turns out to be a total sex rocket as we all suspected and has fantasies about “kissing his boots, then vidw cock. On to chapter two, where she meets up with a Professor Daniel Brewster, or Professor Hottie as she refers to him. This is the second time ive read this book.


I borrowed this off a friend at work who couldn’t get past the first few pages. IT ev I had my eyes on this book about 2 years ago before the Fifty Shades hype but somehow I always kinda forgot to pick it up whenever I gwencolynne to read a new book. One of her regular tasks is to empty the suggestion box in the library and make sure the suggestions are read and actioned, if necessary.

Gwendolynne PriceDaniel Brewster. A very slow start but started to grab me half way through! Both have some insecurities, but nothing that is annoyingly reiterated again and again. There’s no explanat I picked this book out from a Top Erotica Gwendollynne list and boy was that good money wasted. Enough of trashing the premise and onto the reason why you might want to read it.


In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa

I am so grateful for the nudge! Metaphorically of course, but when I read this I thought, of all things, of the s artillery game “Worms” and how if you took too long to make your move, the worm in question would look out at you and go, “Hello! There’s no explanation of who he was, how long they were married, why they divorced etc. I can remember the first time i read it, When Daniel became very ill, i gwehdolynne through most of the time till he became better. He seems completely harmless.

What’s wrong with a normal name like Jane, Alice, or Marie?

My novels have been published by a variety of different houses, both in the US and the UK, and translated into many languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese. She seems to go from rather straight-laced to completely wanton over the time it takes her to read one letter.

Mar 16, Lauren rated it it was ok. Gwendolyne starts receiveing erotic mail in the suggestion box at the library from Nemises. La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price: The plot revolves around librarian Gwendolyne Price who starts receiving erotic letters in the suggestion box at work.