La composition chimique d’une roche magmatique dépend de: . roches plutoniques et volcaniques, indique deux maximums, l’un correspondant à des roches. PREMIÈRE. PARTIE. CHAPITRE I. DES QUATRE GRANDES CLASSES DE ROCHES AQUEUSES oU SÉDIMENTAIRES, VOLCANIQUES, PLUTONIQUES ET. les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Will be.

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Géologie du Massif central — Wikipédia

Display large image of Figure 5 25 The Falls Formation, consisting of poorly sorted conglomerate and coarse sandstone Ryan et al. Evidence for extension and shortening during passive volcaniquws formation. The granite plutons are subalkaline to alkaline with the geochemical character of A-type granite Pe-Piper et al.

Geological Survey of Canada Atlanticinternal report. Cependant de telles eorr61ations sont indubitables, d’apr6s rexp6rience des gisements m6tallif res du monde entier. The — Ma plutons of the Jeffers block are of similar age to the Debert River granodio-rite.

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Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 38, pp. The northern margin of the Cobequid Highlands is largely fault-bound, with the Spicers Cove Fault in the west and a series of unnamed faults in the east Durlingwith minor overstep of upper Carboniferous rocks of the Cumberland Basin Fig.

A little later, at ca. Les Roches Magmatiques – scribd.

Atlantic Geology, 28, pp. Such rapid changes in degree of deformation suggest that deformation was related to regional shear. Les amphiboles sont pour la plupart des silicates … I. Strongly deformed Nuttby Formation, for example lws the Cape Chignecto Pluton, shows steep tight folds typical of shear zone deformation that probably was synchronous with the Vis.

This Neoproterozoic lineament was reactivated in the central Cobequid Highlands, but not in the extreme eastern Cobequid Highlands, where late Paleozoic motion was taken up on the Cobequid and Millsville faults Fig.

The distribution of Cumberland Group rocks along the northern margin of the Cobequid Highlands has been mapped by Ryan et al.


les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf

The granitic Gilbert Hills pluton in the north central Cobequid Highlands is probably of similar age. Display large image of Figure 1. These faults were active during latest Devonian to earliest Carboniferous pluton intrusion and are cut by the younger Cobequid Fault, which experienced major late Carboniferous right-lateral strike-slip motion under brittle conditions Murphy et al.

From its present geometry, it may have been the most inboard of these peri-Gondwanan terranes. Geological Survey of Canada Open Filepp. Petrology of the Mount Thom Complex. The voluminous rhyolite in the Fountain Lake Group has been dated as latest Devonian or earliest Carboniferous and is widespread as clasts in the latest Devonian — earliest Carboniferous Nuttby Formation see below.

les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf – PDF Files

Dashed line shows margin of Wentworth Pluton. The youngest stratified rocks in the Cobequid Highlands comprise fluvial and lacustrine sedimentary rocks of the latest Devonian — Tournaisian Horton Group, which accumulated wt fault-bound basins. Late Paleozoic sedimentation and basin development adjacent to the Cobequid Highlands massif, eastern Canada.

Geological Survey of Canada Paper D, pp. Individual plutons are difficult to define because of the tectonic dismemberment of the Bass River block, but three principal plutonic rock types are distinguished: Geology of the Eastern Cobequid Highlands. The last two facies were mapped together as the “Nabiscumb Brook Member” by Donohoe and Wallacebut Ryan and Boehner have shown that the type section is not part of the Diamond Brook Formation and we have therefore abandoned the term.

Geological Survey of Canada Open filerochee p. Sedimentologically, the Murphy Brook Formation resembles the lacustrine facies of the Nuttby Formation.

A Cordilleran model for the evolution of Avalonia. Good biostratigraphic and geochronological data are sparse and lateral facies changes are common; hence, correlation between localities is difficult. L’origine des roches – Province of Manitoba ; Penses-y In Major structural zones and faults of the Northern Appalachians.

Late Paleozoic basin formation and deformation along the Avalon-Meguma terrane boundary, Canadian Appalachians. Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 41, pp. It is lithologically correlated rocches coastal outcrops of previously unnamed conglomerate east of Squally Point Salas that unconformably overlies the Fountain Lake Group and contains deformed granite clasts. Mylonite and secondary biotite from the Kirkhill fault trend in the Cape Chignecto plutohiques date from the early Vis.

  LEI 11882 PDF

Pljtoniques origin of fluids producing barite and associated mineralization in the western Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia. Methods and data 4 This short synopsis of the geology of the Cobequid Highlands is based in part on new 1: In contrast to Donohoe and Wallacep. The age of these abundant mafic intrusions is not well constrained, but they plhtoniques correlate with basalt in the upper Horton Group of Prince Edward Island Pe-Piper and Piper b; Dunning et al.

Geology of the headwaters of the River Philip, Cobequid Highlands.

La nature des roches volcaniques et le lien avec leur formation ; 12 nov. Falls Formation Donohoe and Wallacewhich unconform-ably overlies mid Tournaisian strata.

Kasper in Donohoe and Wallace Current research, D, pp. The previously reported “West Moose River anorthosite” Pe-Piper and Dessureau consists of rocks trucked from western Newfoundland and dumped in an abandoned gravel pit. Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. Geological Survey of Canada Paperp. Les roches magmatiques plutoniques The Bass River block, in the southeast, shows evidence of shear-zone emplacement of a suite of plutonic rocks ranging from gabbro to granodiorite to granite into tectonically juxtaposed ocean floor volcanic and shelf sedimentary rocks.

Display large image of Figure 1 2 The Late Neoproterozoic rocks of the Cobequid Highlands, particularly those of the Jeffers block, show similarities to rocks of comparable age in the Antigonish Highlands Murphy et al. Jeffers Group rocks are also recognised in the River Philip area Fig.