Limits to medicine. Medical nemesis: the expropriation of health Articles from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health are provided here courtesy of. PDF | An abbreviated version of this review has been published in the BMJ *. The closest I ever came to a religious experience was listening to Ivan Illich. Buy Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis – The Expropriation of Health (Open Forum S.) New edition by Ivan Illich (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book.

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This book has been largely confirming of my ideas and hunches, nemesix it has been even more eye opening. So, all the more reason I urge everyone to read this; it would be nice to have the whole story, rather than just parroting the fashions our bloggers and talking heads care about this minute.

Big is not better, in fact, it’s harmful.

A tough question to answer honestly but Illich builds and argument that medicine has reached a point where it is doing just as much harm as it is good. Reading this as a medical student it made the most perfect lucid sense. Jun 04, Arys Aditya rated it really liked it. I rank this with Marx’s Communist Manifesto Reading this as a medical student it made the most healtg lucid sense.

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Limits to medicine. Medical nemesis: the expropriation of health

There is so much in this book that gets right to the heart of the problem we face. Mar 21, Tara rated it really liked it Shelves: Setelah ‘Matinya Gender’ dan ‘Deschooling Society’, saya terus mencari karya Illich yang lain, llmits tak menyangka akan menemukan satu lagi buku bagus yang menjelaskan pada saya bagaimana sejatinya unsur-unsur di dunia serba modern ini berjalan.

Nov 16, Rhonda Sue rated it liked it. In this radical contribution to social thinking Illich decimates the myth of the magic of the medical profession. He argues for institutions that balance the possibilities for autonomous action with that of managed dependence focused on industrial output. But who defines what healthcare is, or what yhe it should work towards? It shatters not only my belief in medicine as a clinical phenomenon, but also as social and cultural phenomena.


Refresh and try again. It consists not only of making individuals but whole populations survive on inhumanly low levels of personal health. The medical field obviously does have its problems, but I think Illich is a little biased. The author has ser If you can get past the plethora of footnotes on each page, some taking up more space than expropration actual text, you might have a readable treatise.

Sialnya, expropgiation orang “Jangan pernah percaya dokter di era modern! I don’t think anyone needs to, or should, agree with every single statement in this book to realize that it’s a perspective desperately, badly missing at the table of our current debates.


Personally, I thought this as a critique teh modernity was reminiscent of Adorno and Horkheimer’s critique of the cuture industry with for example its emphasis on standardisation and psudoindividualisation as specific symptoms of beaurocratic culture. Clinical iatrogenesis is the harm done to people as the result of actions taken to restore health or prevent illness, such as an adverse drug event, a hospital-acquired infection, or perforated bowel from a screening colonoscopy.

At the time, the early nineties, he has a pronounced tumor on his neck for which, Limist was told, he had received no treatment.

We have already seen, since this book, a lot of backlash to it. My world view has truly changed by this book. Written init foresaw all the major problems in health-care, but also its manifestations in society. The horrific amount of waste of time and resources. We no longer can rely on this latter.

Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health by Ivan Illich

Nothing has changed in 30 years. Healthy Food for thought: To ask other readers questions about Limits to Medicineplease sign up. I recall Susan Exproriation criticised him for personal hypocrisy, having accepted advanced medicine facing cancer, but, well, what would you do!?

Apr 03, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: