2 quotes from Llaila Afrika: ‘Contemporary medical technology is not an advancement in medicine- it indicates the failure of Caucasian medical science and is a. So, for the first installment of our book of the month, we recommend reading: Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By Dr. llaila Afrika. The Power and Science of Melanin book explains the negative and positive effects it can have on children. It describes the biochemical differences between.

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Kodzo Selormey rated it did not like it Dec 10, Contemporary Pineal gland calcifies age years ,shrinks and stops working at age 20due to life style pollutants in the human system.

Great starting point This book highlights some important nuances and features of melanin.

Llaila Afrika Quotes (Author of Melanin)

The age of Egyptian Mummies is determined through the carbon dating the Melanin in the brain. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Have a few questions for author, hopefully he will respond.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The following are a few derivatives or particles of Melanin conversion clockwise and counter clock wise.

Gives clarity to the importance of melanin in the body. However, even when simplified, you still may need a dictionary to understand some of mleanin terminology used. Everyone over age 10,definitely to ppl wither Melanin content. There are two different kinds of Melaninwhich cannot be a part of the same ancestral tree.


In this book, he does a masterful job of simplifying a rather complex subject matter. What Makes Black People Black! Great read Every black person should take time out and read this book. Melanin A very informative book.

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black

A big part of that journey requires first properly identifying who you are, as melanated people who live in the United States, we have had several different labels placed on us. Spiritually it answers the question about the destructive principle of leprosy. More Melanin in the body indicates better regulation of the the body temperature.

Now on to more research and discovering who We are as a Whole. Melanin is produced by Pineal gland located in the geometric centre of the brain. Nov 13, Vivian rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Simple put, melanin is emlanin natural chemical that makes Black peoples skin Black. This makes for differences in people with varying amounts of Melanin- 1. Nov 28, FractalHealing rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Epinephrine is critical to flight or fight response and therefore higher Melanin content indicates a better mechanism to survive.

Melanin is then converted to various hormones such as 1. Study of Melanin is the key to understanding life on planet Earth.

Return to Book Page. Christopher Weston rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Book of the Month. Every person of color should own this book. The Science did not get me lost and I felt it was a great overall introduction to Melanin.


Afrika, who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, lecturer, nutritional consultant, and historian has been teaching people how to be healthy for over 27 years. Probably helpful to have dictionary handy. Knowing the power melanin possesses is knowing afika I would classify this as study text.

Higher Melanin content makes for llsila attributes biologically, physiologically, cognitively etc. I enjoyed this small gem. The book contains facts that are rarely stated. Apr 05, Andrew Duret rated it liked it.

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika – Melanated Fathers of America

Epinephrine, also known as adrenalin is a form of Melanin but acts both as a hormone and a mdlanin. Paperback68 pages. The following substances are harmful to Melanin: Helps humans dream at night. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika

Which is the normal range for chemicals in the blood are different for different races. Originally study of Melanin was central to studying what is now melsnin as Chemistry.

Feb 07, Tracy Trammell rated it really liked it.