Macroscope [Piers Anthony] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Piers Anthony’s most loved works! A great interwoven exciting story . A “hard SF” novel by Piers Anthony, who usually writes fantasy, in which mathematics forms a basis of communication between humans and intelligent aliens. Macroscope by Piers Anthony – book cover, description, publication history.

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Oct 20, Gary rated it it was amazing Shelves: I opened Macroscope and willed myself to finish it. All well and good, but jebelas I recently discovered, also means “mountain” in Arabic, a rather less exotic language than Old Moorish.

To ask other readers questions about Macroscopeplease sign up. Using it, they are able to explore space like never before. You have a very handsome ship, and I have a very comfortable port. The “hard” science fiction elements at first glance today might appear a bit dated, given a nomenclature that dates from the late ‘s. Ivo is unknowingly macrosccope to lead the small team of five—including himself and the vegetative Brad—to a more secure location in order to probe the deeper mysteries of pirs macroscope.

Potpourri of Science Fiction Literature: Macroscope (Anthony, Piers)

Here they set up camp on Triton. Exploring the inner portions of the station, which is a large museum, they are individually drawn into a series of visions that reveal different aspects of the nature of the destroyer and its history. Return to Book Page. Macrosope inadvertently viewing the destroyer signal with Brad and a Senator visiting the project, only Ivo survives the experience.

Thankfully this archaic attitude declines as the plot chugs along towards an exciting conclusion.

Macroscope (novel) – Wikipedia

Afterward, circumstances dictate that he and four friends must flee the station and there begins a extragalactic adventure in search of the signal and the nature of the destroyer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is the story of man’s desperate search for a compromise between his mind and his heart, between knowledge and macrpscope.


Will try to read it again soon and see what it’s like now. By searching to know too much, man could destroy the very essence of his mind. I agree with Stephen The concept of the macroscope really got my interest. Cox story The Disposessed by Ursula K.

Aug 10, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: It impressively weaves a tapestry from such diverse threads as music, mathematics, classic American literature, philosophy, psychology, and sheer imagination, just to name a few. I first read this Macroscope in the s when it came out.

This novel takes us across the breathtaking ranges of anfhony as well as through the most touching places in the human heart. And, yes, Anthony’s placed about a dozen soap boxes in an unrecognizable pattern if it was that at all from which he jumps seemingly randomly. Sure, far into the work there’s this hokey aura leftover from that beginning conspiracy story.

There’s this trope you come across every now and then in science-fiction books which annoys the hell out of anyone who’s actually interested in language.


To outrun the space cops, all they have to do is anthkny a beam from the alien radio signal, which turns them all into a pool of goo and magically activates again later to turn them back. Even learning what was going on I couldn’t find a plausible reason for sending us that direction.

Selected pages Title Page. Reflecting his juvenile stories, Anthony piiers two recurring puns throughout Macroscope: Macroscope Throughout history, man has been searching for better ways to gather information about his universe. Finding my copy again, I read it again and loved it even more.


Unfortunately it gets docked a star for clumsy characterizations, some lagging sections and creaky sexism. While there was enough material to stretch over several books, I’m thankful for the readerly ease that helped me finish it under a week. If this had been the first book by Piers Anthony I had read, I would never pick up another of his piiers. There was a fine example in Babelwhich I reread last month.

I look forward to having an opportunity to read it someday. Brigg, Peter July Rydra Wong, the gorgeous supergenius poet and linguist, has ended up on this huge spaceship which turns out to be called Jebel Tarik. Open Preview See a Macroxcope However, the book didn’t bring me any feeling of suspense, after the initial foray into the wilds of space. This is not a macoscope book, and ended up becoming one of my all-time favorite sci-fi reads.

One book I don’t see mentioned – Macroscope by Piers Anthony, published the early s. During a mock trial following Brad’s death, Harold explores the differences between emotion and logic, demonstrating that Afra’s deliberate clamping down of her emotions led her to subvert logic.

Yes, humanity is still a child race and the question is whether or not we have the potential to assume a place in the great galactic community.