Today the group encompasses the brands Simba, Dickie, Majorette, BIG, Smoby, AquaPlay Prospekt Schuco_HW. Schuco New Rel. AW Katalog. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. older Majorette diecast discontinued out of production cars and trucks for sale.

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In the center of the package a downward pointing arrow design went rather spectrally from light green at the top to dark green and blue.

1983 Majorette Catalog

The Majorette factory in Bangkok, Thailand was almost completely destroyed by heavy floods in the fall of For example, s series cars and trucks sported a nostalgic looking somewhat art-deco-style blister card package with yellow at the bottom which changed upwards to orange, red and then purple.

The distribution of Majorette via major retailers has been limited mainly to Europe, South America and Asia.

InMajorette USA was established in MiamiFloridabut that extension was relatively short-lived as Majorettes were not heavily retailed in the U. Inmaojrette was followed by a takeover by Ideal loisirs, and most Majorette production was relocated to Thailandwhere a factory was built in the Nava Nakorn Industrial Promotion Zone, in Pathum Thani Province, comprising 1, square meters.

Actually, the shiny silver metal base itself gradually disappeared from new models, replaced by ordinary black plastic, a cost saving solution common in many toy brands.

Majorette Catalog 1976 Europe

The “Majo-Teams” offer vehicles of different sizes jatalog different themes, and is reminiscent of offerings during the s. Around the same period, Mr. Soon illustrations appeared, and the cards appeared with either red or blue backgrounds. During the s and s Majorette made play sets called Majo-kits.


Lastly, a new line of “Eco Tech” cars features electric, hybrid and other ‘green’ and environmentally friendly, but cool, vehicles. Package backs featured fifteen illustrations not photos of other vehicles in majrette series with their accompanying numbers. Retrieved from ” https: Kikoler and his toy brand name Kiko also reached an agreement with Majorette to produce approximately 15 Majorette models in Brazil, at a factory in Rio de Janeiro.

Majorette (toy manufacturer) – Wikipedia

Into the s, a marketing strategy emphasize the toy appeal of the cars, including brighter paints, large tampos and slightly exaggerated bodies. Number plates and detailed plastic parts set the kztalog Majorettes apart. Inbrima models had a “black label” attached to the base identifying the place of manufacture, while the majority of models had the later “FAB ZF MANAUS” white plastic tab affixed to the base, indicating that the models had been made in that city.

During the s, many larger cars, trucks, farm and construction vehicles were introduced in the 4 to 6 inch size. Buses like the ‘Londonlink’ were also produced in the series in the mids.

These were well-done models with plastic bodies and metal bases – for a time these cars were marketed as a new ” series, but later regular Majorette models were also made in Portugal as blister packages were marked with red “P”s, “F”s, and “T”s for Portugal, France, or Thailand.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With Toys R Us mamorette out of business inhowever, much of that Majorette’s visibility was eliminated. Among these were the series of semi-tractor trucks.


Fornine new model castings have been announced. Some sets would include one or more Majorette vehicles and others included figurines for added play value. Majorette and Solido today remain a part of the Simba-Dickie group, which is more commonly called Dickie Toys.

These were standard sized Majorettes that, when pushed down on, produced a siren blare with flashing lights. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Majorette. Another popular line were the ‘Circus’ majorehte and Coca-Cola brand cars.

Brazil had established the Free Economic Zone of Manaus in Portuguese, Zona Franca de Manaus to boost regional development in the state of Amazonas and these companies manufactured here.

Circathe Majorette lines offered today are standard “Singles” packaged in various ways, “Extractor” series construction”S.

For the dancers and performers, see Majorette dancer. These came in militarypolicefireand ambulance versions. Majorette is a French toy manufacturer which mostly produces small die-cast cars and other construction and military vehicles particularly in 1: The company soon became the largest French toy car manufacturer.

The first line was the series of roughly 3 inch long vehicles Johnson Also in this series is a line of plastic, but appealing, trucks; a trash truck, a logging truck, and a container truck.