MAN datasheet, MAN circuit, MAN data sheet: FAIRCHILD – INCH SEVEN SEGMENT DISPLAYS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet. MAN from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Part, MAN Category. Description, Red Inch Seven Segment Display. Company, Fairchild Semiconductor. Datasheet, Download MAN datasheet.

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No datashert loss -ever! Available direct from the manufacturer to dealer! The K will transmit farther and receive more clearly than the antenna it replaces or the customer will receive a prompt and full refund from the Registered K Dealer who installed and tuned it. Materials and datssheet are guaranteed for a full 12 months.

Any part that fails to perform satisfactorily will be replaced absolutely free. The K was conceived in the Research Department of one of America’s most innovative engineering companies The all -new K datwsheet designed to equal or exceed the performance of a full -length whip guaranteed to out -perform all other mobile antennas! Equals – Here is what those CB’ers actually said: Quality is very good. I’d say the K is the perfect way to complete any CB system.

Linder, Burbank, Illinois I K vs. The K was better in reception with a measured SWR of 1. K’s SWR of 1. Zion Road, York, Pennsylvania K vs. I’ve been a CB’er for 17 years, datzsheet I’d say it’s superior to any other antennas. BoxTitusville, Florida I K vs. Sidebanding puts you in your own private world. A world where there’s less congestion.

More time to talk. It’s all possible because instead of 40 channels you get your choice of channels. And instead of 4 datwsheet of legal power you get 12 watts of legal power. So you get almost double the range of AM. So there’s cleaner, clearer reception. Switchable noise blanking and limiting.

And Cobra’s exclusive DynaMike gain control. Which is almost everywhere. Because Cobra’s got a nationwide network of dealers satasheet Authorized Service Centers offering sales, installation, service and advice. So come on in. And move on up. Empire Write for color brochure Plainview. Our title is registered with the United States Postal Service.

Application for controlled-circulation postage is pending at Port Washington, N. Cowan Associate Publisher Richard A. Ross Vice President Jack N. Schneider Chairman of the Board S. We have a clean slate. What shall we write on it?

MAN Datasheet PDF –

Robots, microcomputers, ham radio, stereo, CB radio, short Wave listening, video recording, home and auto security, scanners and monitors, TV games, space electronics, test equipment, audio recording, marine electronics, radio control, even model railroad electronics. And scores of fun and exciting evening and weekend projects you’ll be able to build with simple tools and easy -to -find parts. These will be our stories. And much more, too.

We’ll cover everything in the world of electronics, revealing the mysteries, recounting the adventures, exploring the future. Four kinds of articles will fill our pages: Projects will be useful, fun things for your computer, home, car, boat, plane, RV, model railroad, TV, ham radio shack, CB base station, stereo listening center, and workshop. They’ll be inexpensive to build, and require parts which can mn6710 found anywhere. Our columnists will explain their specialties and datasehet you inside tips on how to get the most from your electronic gear, tools, and parts: Hans Fantel, stereo editor for the New York Times and widely -read author of audio books and articles, each month will lend insights into sound recording and playback, stereo disc, tapes and gear, and other parts of daatsheet audio field.


Pete Stark, one of the top writers today in personal microcomputers for the home, each month will help you get into this exciting new field. Computers seem to be everywhere today. In a short few years from now, they will be in every home and car.

Pete will lay the foundation so you can understand how microprocessors work, what they can and can’t do and where we all are going in our digital yellow submarine. Judy Curtis, author of national magazine articles about radio and coauthor of the current edition of the novice license training datashdet, Tune In The World With Ham Radio, from the American Radio Relay League, will open up exciting new vistas in radio communications.

She will explore the fun of CB; describe the public service, professionalism and exhilaration of ham radio; scrape away the barnacles for a better look at modern marine two -way radio; open up new avenues of discovery in daatsheet grand old hobby of shortwave listening; and crack the secret world of scanners and police monitoring. Modern Electronics’ editors will answer your technical questions in Clinic.

Each issue we’ll supply a new Computer Program of the Month, designed to run in Basic on one or more currently- popular machines. Our Handbook will be an electronics shortcourse made easy. A small package of theory will be opened each month, examined, explained and tucked away for your future reference.

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Our plans are extensive and thorough. I hope you’ll tune in each month to see what we’re up to! We can’t guarantee any results to be expected from their use or application. The publisher and editors do man67100 know of any proprietary rights which could be violated by the making, building or using of any projects or gear described in this issue.

Freelance writers Letters to the editors should be addressed to Modern Electronics, 14 Vanderventer Ave. Port Washington, NY Our editorial telephone is We can’t assume responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts but we will try to handle them courteously. Please mark your name, address and telephone number clearly on each page of manuscripts and on all photo- graphs and artwork.


Modern Electronics’ readers demand manuscripts. Change of address Send us word of your change of address as early as possible. We need at least six weeks to make datasheeg change in our mailing list.

Address changes and Postmaster form to Circulabon Department.

Full text of “Kilobaud 05”

Modern Electronics, 14 Van derventer Ave. Include your old address. Subscriptions are slightly higher for other countries. This magazine is printed in the United States of America.

You may not reprint any of our material without written permission from Cowan Publishing Corp. To start with, make sure your set has the advantages of a Turner antenna. Attention tp such details as a spring – jaded cable -to -coil contacii do away with intemittent signal problems and potential VSWF damage tc ycur set.

The die -casl metal base, molded coil cover structure and heavy -duty stainless-steel parts assure you Turner datashee w. Models with audio input prearr, volume control, speech compression and noise cancelling can do wonders for any CB set.

microcomputers – American Radio History

End out what your CB set has been missing. See a Turner dealer. We have been in business for over nine years building a reputation for providing a quality product at nominal prices NOT what the traffic will bear. Versatile as most programs allow for multiple modes of – – operation. Tutorial as each program is self prompting and leads you through the program most have very detailed instructions contained right in their source code.

Readable as all of our programs are reproduced full size – – for ease in reading. I Bookkeeping Games Pictures – – Vol. If you would like to convert your favorite program in to Fortran or APL or any other language, the appendix in Volume II will define the statements and their parameters as used in our programs. Soon to be released A “fantastic” word processing package set up for lawyers, publishers and writers; and a Medical Billing system which will also allow a patients record to be individually scanned.

AND there are tumors that a 12K chess game, in Basic, will also be released. Box which go parcel post. Our Software is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or sold. There was a good 5 knot wind filling the sails as we scuttled down the Chesapeake Bay toward the horn at Bloody Point. We had long since passed Thomas Point Lighthouse which squats like a splendid white spider surveying the bay outside Annapolis harbor.

The spider was lost from view and the ryth- mic bellowing of the horn Was faint in the distance when the marine radio began to crackle on emergency channel Go to channel Michael’s, MD, report engine trouble and ask for instructions.