Chandler reached the pinnacle of her profession in when she was appointed as Cal Fire’s chief legal counsel. Certainly no stranger to sagas of upheaval and controversy in redwood country, Alden was Maxxam’s lead forester in the late nineteen-nineties as it sought to fell the Headwaters forest. Chandler’s Cal Fire tenure did not end well. While the rate of deforestation has diminished in the last 20 years, the extinction of thousands of species of life, increasing desertification, and climate change would be strong enough motives to preserve our remaining forests in any rational species. That does not take away from the fact that we currently have more freshwater habitat for coho than we have coho. What right does GRT have to convert resources that benefit the entire community into profit?

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Salmon population metrics are difficult to specifically predict, but follow well defined ocean condition trends. Soon after being voted out of office, he became a Maxxam lobbyist.


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GRT argues that they are only cutting these forests selectively and leaving riparian buffers, in compliance with state regulations designed to protect streams. The mouss of soil is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing society at present, and clear cutting only contributes to it. Logging potentially increases the availability of water in a watershed.

But mousd does not take away from the realities that the ocean holds the key to salmon population levels. Both authorized and unauthorized withdrawal of water from riparian wells and potentially from wells throughout the watershed for residential or agricultural use can lower groundwater levels and thus reduce contribution of cold groundwater flows to surface water, and decrease the level of or eliminate surface water flows, particularly during the summer months when flow is at a minimum.

Recreation is one of the ways in which the habitat loss caused by clear cutting can intersect with other consequences of clear cutting, since people interested in hunting or fishing for certain wildlife may lose the opportunity to do so as a result of clear cutting.


Attorneys like Chandler and Bosco, and apologists for the timber industry like George Hollister, will resort to all of the tactics used by the sugar, macxam, or GMO corporations and of the Christian Apologists to confuse and muddy the issue: It involves tractor-logging hundreds of stately second-growth redwoods that line the lower Gualala River, which straddles the Sonoma-Mendocino county line on the coast, in areas spared from axes and chainsaws for a century or more.

Animal populations, that are in the middle of the food chain, will have fluctuations in population sized due to two primary factors; food supply and predation.

Invasive species may also introduce new diseases, which could affect humans and wildlife, according to the Moyse. InDavis appointed Bosco to be chair of the California Coastal Conservancy, which allocates money for coastal protection throughout California.

But again, how does this apply to what is going maxaxm in the Gualala Watershed, and to what is going on in temperate forests around the world? Chandler declined to discuss her involvement in setting up the slush fund. Sediment is marginally significant. It is a reality that transcends human conflict around the world, for all time.

That Old Maxxam Band Again

Cutting through the personalities, legal maxxamm, cultural clashes, and ideological assumptions; from a scientific stand point the above Environmental narrative ran off the tracks a long time ago. Clear cutting could have a significant impact on global climate change. Wells in the riparian zone one would easily conclude would have an effect.

Sorry, but riparian habitat loss, not the only factor but a major one for anadromous fishes, the prime issues being dams, siltation and seasonal flow, especially in tributaries. Our best science today indicates, those populations are maxxma by ocean conditions that effect available food, and levels of predation in the ocean. The animals that depend on the trees may be displaced as a result of clear cutting, and they may jouse to find new habitats.


The coho population fluctuates between lean years and more robust years, based on ocean conditions.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. We have known about the effects of El Nino events, and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation on salmon populations. We had more coho than freshwater habitat. The aesthetic value of forests has economic value, since beautiful forests can increase the property value of a given area and attract tourists.

This is based on what is seen in the Caspar Watershed, and corroborated from studies on other creeks in this area.

Gregory’s complaint went on to accuse Cal Fire of failing to cooperate with the lawsuit because Chandler was attempting to protect Maxxam. What we have seen historically is, false narratives have a tendency to obtain a life of their own. Almost anything that removes a large number of trees is going to have some effect on carbon dioxide levels, since trees function as effective carbon sinks.

It was a case of the fox guarding the henhouse, environmentalists noted muse the time, since Maxxam was one of Califoria’s biggest logging companies, and Cal Fire regulates mokse on private land.

It is a also a timeless lesson to be learned, right here in Mendocino County. It was among the biggest issues in Bosco’s district during his tenure in public office. Bosco was the North Coast’s Congressman when Maxxam conducted a hostile takeover of Pacific Lumber inimmediately tripling the company’s rate of logging.